July 20, 2022

We Need An Expert

The story from Madison at West Monroe was pretty simple but also very common. She's just one person! She needed efficiency, project visibility, and experts.

The Company

A national digital services firm that was born in technology, and built for business, partnered with organizations who want to drive progress, and deliver results.

The Challenge

“They've known I am struggling to manage the gear process as my firm grows...I knew I needed more insight into all projects. We needed a more efficient partnership for billing and production...We needed an expert." - Madison Sullivan, Manager, Visual Design - Brand

The story from Madison at West Monroe was pretty simple but also very common.  “I am just one person! I need efficiency, project visibility, and experts. I am the Visual Design Manager at our 2,000+ employee digital services firm. After taking over the swag program, I soon realized our swag program was plagued by too many problems.”  Some of her problems are listed below.  

  • Art proofs taking weeks
  • Unclear project status
  • Slow and incorrect invoicing
  • Dirty and damaged product
  • Went through 3 reps and problems continued

The Solution

Avail introduced our team and listened to West Monroe's challenges. Based on those challenges and the immediate needs, our first step was to implement our project management portal. We knew this could make an immediate impact by fielding requests from the organization and giving control and visibility back to West Monroe. Our contact wanted to use this as a way to test our team and our process. After the first week, our contact felt the difference and began to fill the West Monroe portal with projects. From here, we began building out a complete solution including: 

  • Art proofs within 24 hours
  • Assigned to a team who understands the unique needs of West Monroe
  • Automated and prompt invoicing
  • Company store that connects departments to the brand
  • 24 hour fulfillment
  • Monthly check-ins to plan and prepare

The Results

West Monroe now has a trusted partner which has resulted in the freedom from daily swag problems. We have put time back into our contact's work day, and the confidence that West Monroe has the solution for their fast growing firm. 

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