June 6, 2024

Welcome to Wastequip

Our partnership with Wastequip focused on creating personalized welcome kits for new hires. This initiative significantly enhanced the onboarding experience, boosting employee satisfaction and engagement from day one.

Project Overview

Wastequip is a leading North American manufacturer of waste handling equipment, specializing in products that help manage waste efficiently and sustainably. With a strong commitment to innovation, quality, and customer service, Wastequip serves a diverse range of industries, including waste collection, recycling, construction, and industrial markets.

Challenges faced

The Wastequip HR team was often overwhelmed with various onboarding tasks, leaving limited time to source, customize, and assemble their welcome kits. This manual process led to delays and inconsistencies in delivering a positive first-day experience for new employees. Additionally, Wastequip struggled with limited storage space, making it impractical to keep a wide variety of sizes and fabric options on hand. This constraint further complicated the ability to provide personalized welcome kits that met the preferences and needs of each new hire, leading to a less optimal onboarding experience. 

They provided an amazing solution that allows us to get our new employees a welcome kit within a few days. From the admin side, I like that it only takes a few seconds to send an invitation to the employee, it is easy to view our current inventory, and it is easy to order more products. We don't have to deal with the hassle of storage and regular invoicing makes payment simple. From the user side, it is quick and easy for employees to select the size, style, and color of the swag that they would like to receive.

Solutions we provided

Wastequip and Avail partnered to enhance their new hire experience to make employees feel welcomed and valued from their first day. We utilized our store platform technology and delivered welcome kits that reflect Wastequip’s brand identity and values. This was achieved through:

Streamlined Customization Process with Roster Spots:

Utilizing our 'Roster Spots' technology, we are able to send unique links to new hires, allowing them to visit the Wastequip New Hire online store, select their preferred sizes and fabric options, and claim their kits. This ensures accurate customization and efficient preparation of the welcome kits prior to their start date.

Quality Branded Merchandise:

Our team sourced high-quality, comfortable apparel and other branded items tailored to Wastequip’s brand identity. These included eco-friendly products like reusable water bottles and carbon free tees, aligning with Wastequip’s sustainability values.

Consolidated Distribution and Storage Solutions:

Avail offered storage at our 90,000 square foot facility as well as our distribution services to manage inventory efficiently, reducing the need for Wastequip to maintain stock on-site. This streamlines the delivery process and ensures timely distribution of the welcome kits to new hires addresses.


The implementation of our solutions for Wastequip's new hire kits resulted in improved process efficiency and satisfaction. Our 'Roster Spots' technology streamlined the customization process, ensuring accurate and personalized welcome kits for each new hire. As a result, Wastequip experienced time savings, increased new hire engagement, and enhanced overall onboarding experience, contributing to a more positive and welcoming work environment!

New hire kits play a crucial role in fostering employee engagement from the start of their journey with a company. By providing personalized and thoughtfully curated kits, employers demonstrate their commitment to welcoming and integrating new team members into the organization's culture and values. These kits serve as tangible expressions of appreciation, setting a positive tone for the employee's tenure.

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