Our Press Kit

This press kit is designed to provide journalists with all the essential information and assets about Avail, ensuring a seamless and efficient way to learn about our company, mission, and brand identity.

Changing the swag industry for the better

Avail is setting a new standard in the swag industry, streamlining how businesses manage their promotional merchandise from concept to delivery and beyond.

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Our Story

Inspiring change

Avail ; Verb
1. To serve, help or benefit
2. To use or take advantage of (an opportunity or resource)

Our story began with a desire to inspire change and challenge the status quo of the promotional products industry. By owning every aspect of our business—from production and fulfillment facilities to the technology and development—we control the entire process.

Our platform offers a single, streamlined solution that saves you time and reduces expenses associated with managing swag. This comprehensive control allows us to deliver a seamless, first-class customer experience for you and your team.

Our values

Keeping perspective on what really matters

Commitment to serving

We prioritize serving our customers, communities, and employees with dedication and care.

Never stop learning

We strive to grow our people and teams, adapting to the rapidly changing marketplace.

Win through teamwork

Collaboration drives our success, uniting top brands and talent to create the best solutions.

Experience is everything

Exceptional experiences are our core, driving lasting impact in all we do.

Love what you do

We are passionate about our work, believing genuine enthusiasm drives meaningful change.

Do what's right, not what's easy

We choose integrity over convenience, staying humble and honest with our team and partners.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We have answers

Find answers to common questions about our services, platform, and processes.

What inspired the start of Avail?

As a company, we were in search of a more modern ERP platform to help run our business. After years of looking, there were little to no platforms built specifically for the swag industry. This led us to the decision to build our own. By building our own platform, we could control all of the moving pieces and design it to solve the variety of challenges we hear from the marketplace. Controlling the entire process is what ultimately gives our partners the seamless and stress free experience.

How scalable is this business?

By owning our technology, we can continuously iterate on solutions for our partners. This helps us recruit the best talent, partner with some of the biggest and best suppliers, as well as leverage integrations with logistics partners to handle large programs.

What is your most unique feature?

The ability for "Swag Managers" to field inbound swag requests from their organization. Users can either self-serve or use our project planner to submit their details and order swag through our team. Meanwhile, the Swag Manager can stay informed at a high level and do deep dives as needed. What's the big deal? This translates to dozens of hours saved for marketers and how they go about managing swag for the organization.

What makes this different? 

As a tech-forward swag provider, our value moves far beyond just supplying branded products. Our platform sheds light on the common headaches buyers have. These headaches typically include a lack of communication, clarity on order status', juggling multiple projects, and a team to help facilitate complex logistics. Over the years, we've addressed each of these challenges and continue to listen to our partners on what to solve next.

Why do customers prefer Avail?

Our unique advantage is that our customers have the ability to manage all things swag related in one easy-to-use platform. We believe swag should be fun, not stressful. By consolidating all the various functions (projects, shopping, invoicing, communication, approvals, etc) we can give a streamlined experience to buyers.

Who do you typically work with?

Swag applies to businesses of all shapes and sizes. While our platform can help just about anyone with their swag efforts, we look to partner forward-thinking companies that recognize the value of brand, company culture, and employee retention. Within those companies, we typically support the Marketing Department, Brand Teams, Human Resources, and Procurement.