swag kitting

Create, assemble, and send with just a few clicks

swag packs

Meaningful swag sent directly to their doorsteps

Creative swag ideas

Make your brand stand out and remembered with unique products. Elevate your unboxings with custom packaging and messaging inserts.

Collect preferences

Invite your users to claim their kit. Take the guesswork out of it and let them choose what item, size, or color option they prefer. We'll packaging and distribute accordingly.

Global distribution

Sending swag anywhere in the world is as easy as a click. No matter where your team or clients are, we ensure your kits arrive on time and in perfect condition, making global reach feel local.

Detailed reporting

Use your dashboard to get a clear window into every aspect of your kitting project. From tracking redemptions to monitoring delivery statuses, we give you the insights you need.

Delivered to their doorsteps

We handle everything from sourcing, assembling, and shipping the kits directly to your recipients. Whether it’s for a new employee welcome package or a special event, we ensure each kit is delivered promptly and in perfect condition. It’s all about creating a great experience from start to finish.

Stacked boxes with custom tape
A variety of branded tech swag items on a nightstand

Save time and money

You get high-quality kits assembled and delivered without the hassle and expense of doing it yourself. It's a win-win situation: more time for you to focus on your core work and more money saved in the process.

Streamline logistics

When it comes to logistics, you can rest easy knowing that your kits will be organized and shipped efficiently to any destination. Leverage reporting tools to keep up with the status of your project.

Stacked packages at a doorstep and a report showing order statuses
A variety of custom packaging options and sizes

Custom packaging

From unique box designs to personalized wrapping and inserts, custom swag packaging ensures that every unboxing feels special and exclusive. This attention to detail creates a premium impression that will leave a lasting impact.

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