June 6, 2024

Bridging The Gap

Apartments.com, a leading online rental marketplace, sought to enhance its brand engagement through a year-round campaign. Their objective was to integrate physical gifts with a digital platform, allowing prospects to participate in monthly contests while reinforcing brand presence.

Project Overview

Apartments.com is a top choice for finding rental homes online. Their goal is to help people find the perfect place to live, and they're leading the way in online rental searches.


Apartments.com faced the challenge of seamlessly integrating physical and digital components while ensuring timely delivery and personalized engagement. With a substantial volume of 60,000 calendars to be distributed to 385 different addresses, alongside the need for a partner to build custom landing pages for each month, the project demanded near perfect coordination and execution.

Solutions we provided

The partnership between Apartments.com and Avail resulted in a comprehensive solution tailored to Apartments.com's needs. Avail leveraged its expertise in promotional products, custom built tech, and logistics to address each aspect of the project's objectives:

Manufacturing Partner Selection:

Avail collaborated with a US-based manufacturer capable of producing 60,000 customized calendars within the required timeframe, ensuring both quality and punctuality.

Custom Landing Page Development:

Avail’s tech team developed custom built landing pages for each month. These included a countdown to the upcoming months, embedded videos and forms, and a custom messaging that was month dependent. 

QR Code Integration:

Each calendar page was linked to a QR code, seamlessly connecting the physical and digital experiences. This integration facilitated easy participation in monthly contests and provided instant access to relevant digital content.

Fulfillment and Shipping

Avail's fulfillment team efficiently handled the reception, packaging, and split shipping of all 60,000 calendars within an impressive four-day timeframe. This ensured timely delivery to the 385 unique addresses, exceeding expectations.


By partnering with Avail, Apartments.com successfully bridged the gap between physical and digital engagement, delivering personalized experiences to their customers while achieving their branding objectives. Avail's solution not only met the client's requirements but also demonstrated the power of innovative ways to share impactful marketing campaigns.

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