Swag management for procurement teams

Manage all your swag needs efficiently while ensuring long term success and cost effectiveness.

More efficiency

Consolidate orders and automate workflows to save time and resources.

Spend strategically

Maximize your budgets with more buying power and reporting to drive real ROI.

Scalable platform

Scale your program in a way that doesn't compromise quality or efficiency.

Control and reliability

Avoid the hassle of over-promising and under-delivering. Working with a proven partner ensures your swag needs are consistently met with high quality and on-time delivery. By consolidating your swag procurement, you reduce the risks and complications often associated with onboarding new suppliers, allowing you to focus on your core responsibilities without worry.

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Boost your buying power

Access thousands of brands and over a million products with the industry's deepest discounts and tiered pricing. By consolidating your swag purchases, you can apply for our extended terms and rebate programs. This comprehensive approach not only saves you money, but also strengthens your purchasing processes.

Free to use platform

Enjoy a powerful platform that simplifies your swag program at no extra cost. Our tools and technology are designed to make your life easier, ensuring seamless purchasing and smooth operations. We earn when you buy swag from us, so our focus is on providing a hassle-free experience and help you get the most out of every purchase.

What our clients say

Discover the impact we've made across various industries through their personal stories and testimonials

"Our transformation of swag and gifting has shifted in the best way possible" 

Rachael Rodriguez

Creative Marketing Strategist

"They are the best anyone could ever ask for. The tools make doing business simple and stress-free!"

Savana Fuchs

Executive Assistant

"I can't believe how much time we've saved on managing swag rewards since partnering with Avail." 

Chris White

Sales Director
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"The interface is clean and easy to use. It's an important tool for the marketers on our team."

Robert Miller

Vice President, Marketing
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"Accessing my different stores and managing inventory is so much easier than before"

Jessica Lee

Marketing Specialist

"So many different teams order swag. Having all of the invoices consolidated and organized makes things simple"

Karen Harris

Procurement Specialist

"Getting creative and unique ideas is incredibly helpful. I no longer have to play middle man with my teams"

Amanda Martinez

Marketing Coordinator

"Having a platform that keeps our brand consistent has been the key. We no longer have to worry about it."

Emily Johnson

Brand Director
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Swag for all your needs

Ditch the confusion of managing multiple vendors and enjoy a seamless experience for all your department's branding needs. Order everything from custom apparel, giveaways, trade show materials, and more.

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Transparent reporting

Ditch the outdated and inaccurate spreadsheets. Get access to live dashboards that provide flexible and accurate reporting. Our automated system ensures your data stays up-to-date and true, giving you the insights you need to make better buying decisions. Easily track orders, monitor inventory, and analyze spending with reliable and accessible reporting tools.

A platform to grow with you

Our platform adapts to your changing needs, offering flexible features and robust support as you grow. Whether you're increasing order volume or adding new team members, you’ll have the tools and resources to maintain efficiency and drive success.

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