Warehouse Receiving Guidelines

These requirements are used to accurately and efficiently receive goods into our warehouses. By adhering to a standard, we can process your shipment in a timely manner and report on what is received/counted.


For any shipments being sent to our warehouse, please follow the below. For shipments that do not match these requirements, additional receiving fees may apply. 


  1. Client must first complete the Customer Supplied Request form. This form will outline the anticipated shipment and be reviewed for approval. This must be completed and approved prior to any shipments being sent. Shipments that are sent prior to approval will be rejected upon delivery 
  2. Client to obtain PO# from the sales associate to authorize inbound shipment
  3. Client must notify all shipments to receiving@availlabs.com and provide master tracking number for parcel deliveries and Bill of Landing (BOL) along with carrier name for LTL shipments


  1. Items must be packed in their shipping unit of measure (each, case, bundle, etc.)
  2. Each shipping unit of measure must be marked with the associated SKU number
  3. Each Carton must be marked with quantity of content and SKU number
  4. One SKU per box
  5. We only accept standard 4-way pallets that are 40” x 48” not exceeding 60” in height


  1. Each LTL or truckload shipment must include a BOL
  2. Each shipment must be accompanied with a packing slip
  3. The PO number, SKU number, and shipping quantity must be included on the packing slip


  1. Individual carton/box weight should not exceed 50 pounds
  2. Pallet weight must not exceed 2,500 pounds. 


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