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Save yourself time and stress handling company swag

Connect your teams

By bringing everyone onto a single platform, we make it easier than ever for your teams to stay aligned. Share ideas and drive projects forward, all while keeping your brand's swag on point.

Track spending

Our reporting lets you see exactly where your swag budget is going, helping you make smart choices and removing the guesswork.

Stay organized

Finally a straightforward way to track requests, orders, and shipments. It's organization made simple, so you can focus on what matters most.

Save valuable time

Streamline your processes, freeing you up to concentrate on bigger strategies and ideas. It's about saving time without cutting corners.

Handle swag requests

Tired of juggling projects and playing the middleman? Your teams can quickly submit their requests directly through the platform and we'll handle it from there.

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Chat with teammates

Invite your team to work together on projects. Whether you're looking for feedback on a product or need help with a design, tagging and chatting in the feed removes guesswork and ensures everyone is on the same page.

Distribute swag

Distributing swag has never been easier. Select the perfect products, pop in the shipping address, and hit submit—that's all it takes.

Whether you're sending a single item or creating personalized kits, our system seamlessly tracks your orders, providing you with tracking information the moment it's available.

Live reporting

Know who is ordering what, when, and why. Our reports are designed to give you real-time insights into your swag program's performance. From order status reports to detailed spending analysis, our reporting tools put the power at your fingertips.

Get creative

The sky's the limit on what we can bring to life. Whether it's a unique giveaway or private label swag that elevates your brand, we are equipped to design and produce anything you can imagine.

Better yet, our team will proactively provide you with creative swag concepts based on your campaigns and calendars.

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What our clients say

Discover the impact we've made across various industries through their personal stories and testimonials

"Our transformation of swag and gifting has shifted in the best way possible" 

Rachael Rodriguez

Creative Marketing Strategist

"They are the best anyone could ever ask for. The tools make doing business simple and stress-free!"

Savana Fuchs

Executive Assistant

"I can't believe how much time we've saved on managing swag rewards since partnering with Avail." 

Chris White

Sales Director
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"The interface is clean and easy to use. It's an important tool for the marketers on our team."

Robert Miller

Vice President, Marketing
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"Accessing my different stores and managing inventory is so much easier than before"

Jessica Lee

Marketing Specialist

"So many different teams order swag. Having all of the invoices consolidated and organized makes things simple"

Karen Harris

Procurement Specialist

"Getting creative and unique ideas is incredibly helpful. I no longer have to play middle man with my teams"

Amanda Martinez

Marketing Coordinator

"Having a platform that keeps our brand consistent has been the key. We no longer have to worry about it."

Emily Johnson

Brand Director
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