Navigating Swag - Thousands of Brands, Millions of Products

We'll take you through the variety of swag categories and examples from each. From wearable gear to cool gadgets, pick swag that tells your brand’s story and makes everyone smile.

Navigating Swag - Thousands of Brands, Millions of Products


Company swag serves as a versatile tool in branding and team building. Here, we'll take you through the different categories of swag and the details of swag options. Swag is an interesting subject... done correctly, it can act as a multiplier and exponentially expand your brand image. However, done wrong, and it can leave the wrong impression or even worse - damage your brand reputation.'

Apparel vs. Hardgoods

When it comes to organizing company swag, there are two main categories: apparel and hardgoods. Apparel typically includes sized wearable items like t-shirts, polos, jackets, and hats. These items are fantastic for team events, brand promotion, and creating a sense of unity and pride among employees. On the other hand, hard goods encompass well...everything else. From non-clothing items such as pens, notebooks, drinkware, tech gadgets and more. Hard goods are excellent for everyday use, keeping your brand in the hands and on the desks of clients and employees, serving both functional and promotional purposes. Understanding the distinct roles and impacts of these two categories is key to selecting the right swag that resonates with your brand and audience.

Apparel Categories


T-shirts are a classic choice for company swag due to their universal appeal and practicality. They act as a canvas for creativity, allowing brands to showcase their logos, slogans, or unique designs in a way that's both eye-catching and wearable. Their versatility makes them suitable for a wide range of events, from corporate gatherings to public trade shows. Additionally, t-shirts foster a sense of belonging and team spirit among employees, turning them into brand ambassadors every time they wear them. Plus, their everyday usability ensures prolonged brand exposure, making them a cost-effective marketing tool.

Polos & Knits

Polos and knits are excellent swag choices for businesses aiming for a balance between casual and professional. Their sophisticated look makes them suitable for a variety of settings, from office wear to trade shows. Polos and knits also offer a comfortable fit, ensuring they are worn regularly, which increases brand exposure. They're versatile for customization, allowing companies to subtly yet effectively showcase their logos. This apparel category elevates the perceived value of the swag, as these items are often associated with higher quality, enhancing the company’s image in the eyes of the recipients.

Sweatshirts & Fleece

Sweatshirts and fleece are fantastic swag items for their comfort and universal appeal. They're perfect for creating a cozy, relaxed vibe while still keeping your brand in the spotlight. Their practicality means they're likely to be worn repeatedly, providing excellent visibility for your logo, especially in cooler climates or seasons. Additionally, the wide range of styles and colors available in sweatshirts and fleece allows for versatile branding options, catering to different tastes and aligning with your company's aesthetic. They're not just gifts; they're a warm reminder of your brand's presence and care for its community.


Headwear, including hats and caps, is a highly visible and versatile swag item. They are not only practical for outdoor events and daily wear but also serve as a stylish canvas for your brand. Whether it's a baseball cap, a beanie, or a visor, headwear offers high visibility for your logo, ensuring your brand gets noticed in public spaces. They're often one-size-fits-all, making them an easy choice for mass distribution, and they appeal to a wide audience. Plus, headwear's durability means your brand stays in the public eye for a long time, maximizing your swag investment.


Outerwear, like jackets and coats, is an excellent choice for company swag, especially in regions with cooler climates. Not only do they provide practical value by keeping the wearer warm, but they also offer substantial space for branding. Outerwear is often seen as a high-value item, enhancing the perceived quality of the swag and, by extension, the brand itself. Durable and used frequently during the colder months, outerwear ensures extended brand visibility. Additionally, the variety available in styles and materials allows companies to align the swag with their brand image and audience preferences, making it a thoughtful and appreciated gift.


Activewear as company swag is a smart choice, particularly for brands promoting a healthy, active lifestyle. This category includes items like sports t-shirts, leggings, sweatpants, and fitness accessories. Activewear is designed for comfort and mobility, making it ideal for gym sessions, outdoor activities, or casual wear. The functionality of these items ensures they are used regularly, providing consistent brand exposure. Additionally, activewear's association with health and wellness can positively reflect on your brand's image, showing a commitment to the well-being of your employees and customers.

Infant & Toddler

Infant and toddler swag offers a unique and thoughtful way for companies to connect with their employees and clients who are parents. This category includes items like onesies, mini t-shirts, bibs, and tiny hats, all designed for the youngest members of the family. Not only do these items provide a practical use for parents, but they also create an emotional connection, showcasing the company's consideration for the family life of its community. This thoughtful approach to swag can enhance the company's image as family-friendly and caring, leaving a lasting positive impression.


Socks as company swag are a creative and fun choice, offering both comfort and a unique branding opportunity. They're practical for everyday use and provide a subtle yet effective way to display company logos or colors. Custom-designed socks can be a conversation starter, showcasing a brand's personality. Their one-size-fits-most aspect makes them an easy and inclusive option for swag, suitable for a wide range of events and audiences. Plus, their versatility in design allows for endless creative possibilities, making them a memorable and appreciated gift.


Bottoms as company swag, including items like sweatpants, shorts, and joggers, offer a unique blend of comfort and casual style. They're great for creating a relaxed, approachable image for your brand. Perfect for at-home wear or casual outings, branded bottoms ensure your logo gets seen in a variety of settings. Their practicality makes them a favored choice among recipients, often becoming a go-to item for comfort. Offering such items as swag shows a company's commitment to not just professional attire, but also to the everyday comfort of their team and clients.


Accessories as company swag encompass a wide range of items that add a finishing touch to branding efforts. This unique category can include items like branded sunglasses, wristbands, and even ties or scarves. These small but impactful items are perfect for subtly incorporating a company's logo or colors, offering daily use and brand visibility. They are often cost-effective, making them ideal for mass distribution at events or as part of welcome packages. Accessories are not just functional; they can be stylish and memorable, enhancing the perceived value of your swag collection.

Hardgood Categories


Drinkware is one of the most popular and practical category of hard goods in company swag. This includes items like branded mugs, water bottles, and tumblers. Drinkware is used daily, ensuring consistent visibility for your brand. It's perfect for the office, home, or on the go, making it a versatile choice for broad audience appeal. Customized drinkware can range from elegant coffee mugs to innovative insulated water bottles, catering to different preferences and lifestyles. Their frequent use in various settings makes them an excellent tool for sustained brand promotion and recall.


The technology category in company swag is particularly appealing to the modern, tech-savvy audience. This category includes items like branded USB drives, power banks, wireless chargers, and even Bluetooth speakers. These gadgets are not only highly functional and desirable but also offer an innovative way to showcase your brand. They're often used daily, keeping your brand at the forefront of users' minds. Tech swag can also reflect a company's forward-thinking and modern ethos, making them an excellent choice for businesses looking to establish a contemporary, tech-oriented brand image.

Bags & Backpacks

Bags and backpacks are a highly functional and visible category of hard goods in company swag. These items range from tote bags and drawstring bags to more robust backpacks and laptop cases. They are perfect for everyday use, whether for work, travel, or leisure, ensuring your brand gains exposure in various environments. Bags and backpacks offer ample space for branding and are valued for their practicality, making them a popular choice for company swag. Their usability and longevity mean your brand stays on the move and in sight, making them effective tools for sustained brand presence.

Leisure & Outdoors

The leisure and outdoors category in company swag is ideal for promoting a brand in a fun and active context. This category includes items like custom sports equipment, outdoor games, picnic blankets, and portable chairs. These products are perfect for outdoor events, company retreats, or personal leisure activities, providing a great way for employees and clients to engage with your brand in a relaxed setting. Not only do they enhance outdoor experiences, but they also serve as a reminder of your brand's commitment to work-life balance and enjoyment, resonating positively with your audience.

Events & Tradeshows

For events and tradeshows, company swag plays a crucial role in brand promotion and audience engagement. These items are not only practical for event attendees but also serve as a medium for companies to leave a memorable impression. Apart from the swag giveaways, another important component is the tradeshow booth itself. With a variety of sizes, set up difficulty, and design these booths offer a mix of utility and brand visibility. The key is to choose swag that is both relevant to the event and appealing enough to draw attention to your brand, making your presence at the event or tradeshow more impactful.

Health & Beauty

Health and beauty swag items are an excellent choice for companies looking to promote wellness and self-care. This category can include branded items like lip balms, hand sanitizers, sunscreen, and even spa kits. These products not only offer practical benefits but also convey a message of well-being and personal care, aligning your brand with positive lifestyle choices. They are especially suitable for health-related events, wellness programs, and as thoughtful additions to employee or client gift packages, providing a touch of luxury and care that's appreciated by recipients.

Desk & Office

Desk and office swag items are staples in the corporate world, offering both functionality and brand visibility in a workplace setting. This category includes items like branded pens, notepads, calendars, mouse pads, and desk organizers. These items are used daily, keeping your brand constantly in sight and mind. They're not only practical for day-to-day tasks but also serve as a subtle yet constant reminder of your company's presence, making them effective tools for reinforcing brand identity and loyalty in a professional environment.

Blankets & Towels

Blankets and towels are unique and practical swag items, ideal for a variety of uses. Branded blankets are perfect for cozy evenings, picnics, or outdoor events, providing comfort along with brand visibility. Towels, on the other hand, are great for sports, gyms, or beach activities, offering a large surface for showcasing your brand. Both items are appreciated for their functionality and can be customized in various designs and materials, making them thoughtful gifts that reflect your company's care and attention to quality.

Snacks & Gourmet

Snacks and gourmet items as company swag are a delightful and engaging way to connect with your audience. Edible treats like custom chocolates, gourmet coffee, or branded cookies offer a unique and enjoyable experience. They're perfect for special occasions, holiday gifts, or as a part of a welcome package. These delicious items can leave a lasting impression, appealing to the senses and creating a memorable association with your brand. By choosing high-quality, tasteful gourmet swag, you demonstrate attention to detail and a desire to provide a genuinely enjoyable experience for recipients.


Packaging plays a crucial role in company swag, transforming even the simplest items into memorable gifts. Well-designed packaging not only protects the items but also enhances the unboxing experience, making it more special and impactful. Custom packaging with your brand's colors, logos, and messaging adds a personal touch and reinforces brand identity. It's an opportunity to leave a lasting impression, demonstrating attention to detail and care for the recipient. Whether it’s a sleek box, a custom bag, or eco-friendly wrapping, thoughtful packaging can significantly elevate the perceived value and appeal of your swag.

The "Other" Category

Thinking outside the box? No problem. There is a whole category of swag we call the "Other" category. This mysterious category includes all sorts of creative and non-traditional ideas like augmented reality puzzles, custom bobbleheads, and even branded footwear. These unique items stand out for their originality and can create a lasting impression. Custom puzzles, for example, offer a fun, interactive way to engage with your brand, while bobbleheads can add a humorous, personalized touch. Footwear, on the other hand, combines practicality with style, taking your branding to the ground level—literally. This category is perfect for companies looking to make a distinctive statement and leave a memorable mark on their audience.


From versatile apparel to innovative hard goods, the choices are literally endless and exciting. Each category offers unique ways to showcase your brand and engage your audience. The key is selecting swag that resonates with your brand values and leaves a lasting impression. This is where Avail's Connect platform becomes invaluable. Connect streamlines the swag sourcing process, making it effortless to start projects, handle orders, and reorder favorites. With its user-friendly interface, you can effortlessly navigate through a variety of swag options, ensuring your swag strategy is as impactful as it is efficient.