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April 19, 2023

Put Your Thinking Cap On

Nextdoor is a popular social networking platform that connects people within their local neighborhoods. In order to promote its platform and foster a sense of creativity and excitement, Nextdoor wanted to curate "Nextdoor Create Kits."

Put Your Thinking Cap On

Building the right tech stack is key

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How to choose the right tech stack for your company?

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What to consider when choosing the right tech stack?

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What are the most relevant factors to consider?

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What tech stack do we use at Techly X?

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The Company

Nextdoor is a private social networking platform designed to connect people living in the same neighborhood or community. The platform provides a space for neighbors to communicate with one another, exchange information, and build stronger relationships within their local communities. Nextdoor offers a range of features including news feeds, neighborhood events calendars, classified ads, and crime and safety alerts. With a presence in over 11 countries, Nextdoor is used by millions of people around the world to stay informed and connected with their neighbors. The platform aims to bring people together and foster a sense of community, ultimately creating stronger, safer, and happier neighborhoods.

The Challenge

Nextdoor approached Avail looking for a unique way to engage with local businesses and get them excited for creative brainstorming sessions. The concept was centered around curating product kits that would be useful during these creative sessions. At the time, Nextdoor typically sourced items themselves from both online sources and multiple vendors. They were looking for a one-stop solution, and a partner who could handle the sourcing, design, and logistics of the project.

  • Custom packaging
  • Creative, but also useful products
  • Assistance in design and concepts
  • Logistics planning

The Solution

Avail went to work pulling relevant options based on their budget and deadlines. In the curation process, we developed 12 design concepts and options for the Nextdoor team to review. These concepts included both the product and placement of the logos. The products that were officially decided on included:

  • A full color custom mailer box
  • A "Classic Dad Cap" to represent a "Thinking Cap"
  • Moleskin® notebooks for brainstorming notes
  • Moleskin® pens
  • Crinkle paper inserts
  • Die cut stickers
  • Custom fidget spinner to encourage creativity

The Results

Within two weeks, Nextdoor successfully received their kits and were ready to start using them for meetings. In addition to being a great tool for marketing and partnership outreach, the Nextdoor Create Kits also helped to foster a sense of community among Nextdoor’s partners. The kits provided a tangible reminder of the platform’s values and mission, and helped to keep users engaged and excited about the Create sessions.

Overall, the Nextdoor Create Kits were a great success and helped to further cement Nextdoor’s position as a leader in community building and social networking. The partnership with Avail was instrumental in bringing this project to life, and the resulting kits were a testament to the power of creativity and collaboration in brand and marketing.

I’m in NY and saw the swag that came in and WE LOVE IT! Thank you so much!! - Vicky Cervas, Sales & Marketing

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