Learn how to manage merchandise like a pro

Navigating the world of promotional products can be daunting. Our mission is to educate the marketplace and change the stigma of branded merchandise being hard.

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Our goal is for you to leave this course feeling better equipped to qualify vendors, maximize your budget, and manage your overall swag program

Here is what we'll cover

Whether you're a seasoned promo vet, or brand new to the role - this course was designed to help you navigate the unique complexities of the promotional product industry.


The Industry

General overview of the promotional product industry, common challenges, and what to watch out for.


Order Types

A deep dive into different product categories. We'll share our best practices and when to use what.


Company Stores

We'll explore the different types of stores, and help outline the pro's and con's for each.



We'll explain what fulfillment means, why it's so important, and when it makes sense (or doesn't).



We'll cover how to properly set up a kitting project and ways you can save yourself time and energy.


Next Steps

Here we'll take your new found knowledge and help you apply it in simple but effective ways.

Free consultation and program planning

Get direct access to our team. Whether it's answering questions, comparing solutions, or kicking off a new program - we're here to help.

Introducing the next-gen merch solution

Empower yourself as a buyer and understand some of the unique challenges of the promotional product industry

Qualifying potential vendors
Maximizing your budgets
Streamlining your processes

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